Tuesday, May 16, 2017

How People Use and Change their Environment

The class learned about how people change the environment in which they live. They heard the book Matthew Wheelock's Wall and looked at photos of rock walls to compare with the rock wall in our forest classroom. They gave two pieces of evidence for how the rock walls were similar and different. 

They searched for trees of different sizes, measuring with their thumbs, their hands clasped together, then a huggable-size tree and finally a tree that was huggable only with help. They talked about how the bigger trees were the oldest trees.

Later in the day, for more work with how people change their environment to meet their needs, they heard Ox-Cart Man, by Donald Hall. They listened and looked for places in the story that show how the farming family uses the land and changes it to meet their needs. They listed several ways and made connections with their work outdoors. 

There are no photos this week since the camera stopped working. Photos will return next week.

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