Friday, May 19, 2017

How Animals Use and Change their Environment

This week we learned about how animals use and change their environment to meet their needs. We reviewed what animals need—food, water, and shelter—then searched for evidence of animals using the environment in and around the forest classroom to meet their needs. The children found woodpecker holes in trees, nesting materials in a tree hollow, holes in the rock wall for an animal, tunnels in a log from an insect,  a flattened spot in the grass where we guess a deer may have rested, and trees which had been chewed, scratched, and dug into. The children drew or wrote their evidence in journals and shared aloud with the class what they found. We also heard books about animals using their environments including animals in trees and birds' many ways of making nests. We also discussed how beavers make a pond which changes where they live. Later in class they each drew and wrote about what they'd learned. 

Weather Report by Motivated Marten:
The temperature at 9:35 is 59 1/2 º F. 
The weather is cloudy and blue mixed together, a little breeze, warmer than last week.
Their is 25 mm of rain in the rain gauge.
resting at sit spots
having fun at sit spots
searching for evidence of animals with a small group 
drawing and writing about what they found

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