Friday, April 28, 2017

Poems and Pictures

Weather Report by Courageous Crow:
The temperature at 9:55 is 52º F.
The weather is cloudy, wet, warm.
Temperature guesses included: warm, 33º, 42º, and 50º F.

We were looking for new things for spring or that we hadn't noticed before. We were also searching for things that would inspire us and our poetry!
Cheerful Chickadee found a slug.
Cheerful Chickadee drew and wrote about the slug.
Brave Barred Owl also found a slug. We compared the sizes of the two slugs.
Courageous Crow found wood with blue on it.
Motivated Marten also found a log with blue. We need to investigate this further...
Drops of water inspired playing and a poem.
We found a whitish plant growing under a log.
We found ferns poking up out of the leaves on the ground.
This inspired a drawing and words.
observational drawing by Cheerful Chickadee
Some children got right to work in the new journals when we went outside.

We heard poems read aloud during snack today. 
With rain gear on and a warm-enough day, the children were allowed to play and explore in the water.

Following water they'd found earlier in the field, they found a cave.
Brave Barred Owl improvised a tool for collecting water. Later it was a boat, too.
Observant Osprey explored the cave!
Observant Osprey drew and wrote about the cave
Back in the classroom later we wrote a group poem, and it turned out to be about their discovery from the morning: The Waterfall Cave. Here is their poem:

Dripping on my back
I had fun playing
A rock blocking the entrance
A waterfall cave

Inside later we investigated this.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Spring is Here

The forest looks a lot different today than last week!
Weather Report by Ernest Ermine:
The temperature at 10:10 is 44º F.
The weather is a little breeze and cloudy.
Temperature guesses included 20, 40, 41, 44, and 50º F.
sit spots 
telling facts about their animals at morning meeting
testing moss for squishiness
wondering why the log has blue on it
showing a mystery item found under a pine tree 

a fern that Brave Barred Owl and Caring Catamount found in the leaves
the ground before digging through the leaves...
and the ground after digging through the leaves--green growing things!

way up high at Observant Osprey's sit spot
the train game
leaving the forest classroom with a slide on the snow--maybe the last of the season

Back indoors later in the day we investigated three things children found outside—a log with greenish-blue on it, moss, and pine pitch. As a group we looked at, smelled, and touched the greenish-blue log and wrote describing words and sentences about it. Then in small groups we wrote about the moss and pine pitch, and a pine pitch poem even came up. Then the children write and drew in their individual journals about what they did outside.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Pancakes and Syrup in the Rain and Snow

Weather Report by Mindful Moose:
The temperature is 36 º F. It is rainy, wind, cloudy.

We began the morning indoors practicing asking "I wonder..." questions, with the children drawing and dictating or writing questions. Then they mixed up a batch of pancakes which we cooked indoors. We headed out with the pancakes once everyone was dressed for a rainy, cool morning in the snow. We began with sit spots as usual, and then morning meeting. Observant Osprey noted that during sit spots it started raining harder. After morning meeting and the weather report, we sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed cookies from home for Ernest Ermine's upcoming birthday. Then we heard an Abenaki legend about maple syrup, ate snacks, then shared our pancakes with maple syrup. We also got a taste of the maple syrup the kindergarteners made from our maple tree here at school. It was delicious with a little smoky flavor from boiling over our fire last week. Yum! After that everyone played in the forest, with lots of tree climbing, pretend play on a fallen tree, and running with friends. They returned inside wet, muddy, and mostly happy about it!
We mixed up pancakes before heading out for Forest Day.
We found bird tracks on the way to the forest.
We looked at the bird tracks and wondered how big the bird was that made the tracks.
Courageous Crow spotted more bird tracks.
With help from Wise Wood Turtle, he discovered that the bird had flown, landed on the snow, and then walked.
Motivated Marten and Perceptive Peregrine Falcon are enjoying the first taste of our own maple syrup. Yum!
Then they hugged a maple tree (not the one the sap came from, but close enough!)
And the maple tree got more love! Maybe someday someone will get sap from it to make yummy syrup!
There's nothing like pancakes and maple syrup in the rain and snow!
Play time!

Wet, muddy, and happy!

We walked back through the field like deer, following in each other's path because the snow was so deep.
We checked the sap bucket one more time before taking it down. 
We hauled the bucket in for the season.