Monday, June 13, 2016

Day 34

Newton School Kindergarten Forest Day - June 9, 2016

Today was our last forest day for this kindergarten year. It was fun, happy, a little sad, and quite cold for June! The children found special gifts at their sit spots upon arriving in the forest classroom—T-shirts with everyone's forest animals printed on them. After settling down from that excitement, we enjoyed sit spots, morning meeting, snack, and then playtime. During playtime children helped deconstruct the structure we'd built earlier by lashing ropes to trees and leaning large sticks up, allowing the trees to grow over the summer. We read My Map Book and each made a map of the forest, choosing which part they'd like to map. We ended by reflecting on our day and year in the forest and sharing lunch together. Everyone helped carry out tools and materials as we left the forest classroom and said goodbye, see you soon, and thank you.
a "deer" making a cozy bed in the field
helping a friend climb
climbing and hanging around with friends
Temperature guesses: 40° F, 41° F,  42° F, 45° F, 51° F
Actual temperature: 50° F
Weather report by Persistent Porcupine: The leaves are green, and I noticed it's really windy today. The sky is gray and blue. The clouds are really white. 
working on a map
working on a map
working on maps together
working on maps together
Some of their maps are below.

reflecting about forest day as a group
taking down our bathroom structure
heading out of the forest, helping carry materials out
 Two waxwings were noisy and busy in the trees above us.
We found a large worm at the circle.
We discovered a tent caterpillar nest.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Day 33

Newton School Kindergarten Forest Day - June 2, 2016

I found this dead tree stump, and it's a good breaking one, and the smooth part on it is really cool.
photo and caption by Reflective Red-Tailed Hawk
This hook was stuck in the stump. I think it was probably to hold the barbed wire in it.
photo and caption by Reflective Red-Tailed Hawk
The children were again amazed and excited at all the changes and new growth entering the forest classroom. Several spent time finding new hiding spots, secret nooks, and special places.
Can you tell there are four girls playing in the ferns?
Optimistic Otter found a special place in a circle of ferns.
How many children are hiding in the ferns? See below to find out.
Here we are!
During free play time the children worked on plans they'd made for the forest today, including getting the bark off a rotten stump. New plans arose to move a heavy rock from an old rock wall and to build with mud. Play time is a great opportunity to see the children setting up and solving their own challenges and learning scientific principles in ways meaningful to them.
Reflective Red-Tailed Hawk works on a stump as he planned ahead to do.
Work goes faster and is more fun with a friend to help!
Considerate Coyote uses a stick lever to pry this rock loose.
Success! The rock is moved.
Considerate Coyote gets help from Optimistic Otter to balance a smaller rock in the newly open space.
Gracious Goldfinch builds in the mud.
The children found some critters in the field and forest including larva, an ant colony found by accident, a wood frog, and caterpillars.
wood frog
Weather report: 66° F at 10:15 am.