Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Day 20

Newton School Kindergarten Forest Day - February 9, 2016
Weather Report by Benevolent Black Bear 
at 9:36 am: 24° F, snowing and pretty cold
Working together to bring the supplies into the forest classroom.
Question: How many kindergarteners fit in a tree?
Answer: All of them.
The Question: Can I dig out this tree that bent over with one end buried under snow? 
The plan: Use tools to dig it out.
The Answer: Yes! The tree is free.
New questions arise: Is it alive or dead? Will it return to standing? 
Smacking a snow covered tree with a stick.
Reflective Red-Tailed Hawk says to Boundless Beaver: "You're just like Peter in The Snowy Day!"
Teacher thinks to self: "Yes! Connecting literature with play at forest day!"
The plan: Chopping the wood with the shovel, breaking pieces for the fire by slamming the shovel on it. (It worked.)
The adults' plan: Exercising to keep warm.
Eating snack at the fire. Sometimes snack is delicious.... Other times we smile anyway. 
Measuring on the 100-foot rope again.
The question: How big are different animals?
We measured how tall a moose is, how tall a giraffe is, and how long a blue whale is.
We ended forest day by telling words we like and might want to use when we write. These included: tree, smooth stone, forest, sit spot, bathroom, moss, happy in the forest, love in the forest, observe, and krummholz.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Day 19

Newton School Kindergarten Forest Day - February 4, 2016
We celebrated the 100th day of school today! On the way to the forest everyone counted 10 of something they chose. At morning meeting everyone shared. We counted: 10 deer tracks 10 puddles 10 big trees 10 trees 10 puddles 10 clouds 10 white dots on trees + 10 colors 10 people going to the forest 10 rocks, which = 100 things we counted together! We also counted out 100 steps in the field, saw a 100-foot long rope, and worked together to measure the rope in 10-foot sections. To finish our morning everyone shared something they love about forest day enough to do 100 times. Answers included playing with friends, climbing trees, following animal tracks, and more.
The children were very observant today. We began by noticing something interesting in the field—a long trail that had been a tunnel under snow until much of it melted—and an impromptu lesson on how to look at something together without trampling it, so others can see, too. We had many opportunities to practice this as we continued through the fields full of interesting things—more uncovered tunnels, water flowing under ice, and deer tracks. The children love exploring, observing, and sharing what they find. They are getting skilled at talking with the group about their observations.

   Weather report at 9:47 am by Considerate Coyote:
   44° F The sky is grayish blue and there is sun.


Reflective Red-Tailed Hawk retelling the fire story:

play time, making music with friends:

measuring a 100-foot rope:

counting 100 steps: