Thursday, January 28, 2016

Day 18

Newton School Kindergarten Forest Day - January 28, 2016
Today started cold in the morning, but it warmed up quickly. When we got outside it was 20°F, and it warmed up from there. The children were quiet and thoughtful at sit spots. They shared wonderful observations during morning meeting, greeted each other, played a game, and had a weather report from Brave Bobcat, this week's weather helper. Optimistic Otter retold our fire story very well, and then one child and one adult built the fire while everyone else played. The play today was very active with lots of building, imaginary play about families, and some hunting and fishing. After a busy, cooperative, fun play time, we gathered for snack around the fire. Wise Wood Turtle retold the fire story over snack, but this time from an animal character's point of view. It was great to watch children realize that it was the same story, just told from a different perspective. We had coffee cake baking on the fire which was prepared in the classroom earlier. It kept cooking, and we ate it indoors later for afternoon snack, all the better for having been cooked over our fire. For closing circle, each shared something or someone at Forest Day for which they are thankful. Some things we were thankful for included: classmates for playing, the trees for fires, and the world for everything we need. Great thinking, playing, and working together today, adventurous kindergarteners! 
To test how cold it is, Benevolent Black Bear licks frost off tree branches. 
Gracious Goldfinch tastes the fresh snow at her sit spot.
Brave Bobcat gives the weather report.
At 9:54 am, the temperature is 24°F, kind of warm and cold, a little bit of sun.
Resolute Raccoon is building bridges over tracks in the snow.
Three friends are fishing together using tent stakes tied to rope for fishing poles.
Children work together to carry supplies into the forest and out again with a sled.
Children draw and write about what they did outdoors.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Day 17

Newton School Kindergarten Forest Day - January 21, 2016

making tracks:

observing tracks:

sit spots:
Resolute Raccoon drew himself in his sit spot.
weather report:
20° F, blue sky with clouds and sun, and more snow was on the ground.
snack and a story:

(Soup is a really good snack on a cold winter day!)

Students pretend they are lynx, searching for white and brown snowshoe hares on the forest edge.
How many snowshoe hares do you see? Which color is easier to see in the snow?
The happy lynx catch the snowshoe hares. Yum!
Even the hard-to-spot white snowshoe hares are caught eventually.
Talking about the day:
Optimistic Otter drew the class talking about Forest Day, using the talking rock.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Day 16

Newton School Kindergarten Forest Day - January 14, 2016

Resolute Raccoon observes tracks in the snow up a tree branch. Who made them?
Considerate Coyote notices that a word written on a plastic tub transferred to the ice on it.
Optimistic Otter checked the temperature and made the weather report today. 
It was 18 ° F with a blue sky with one cloud in it.
Resolute Raccoon hunts with a laser (stick).
Reflective Red-Tailed Hawk, Persistent Porcupine, and Boundless Beaver are loggers.
Boundless Beaver is hitched up to a tree to haul it, assisted by Persistent Porcupine.
Optimistic Otter uses a ramp he built up into his tree.

Benevolent Black Bear, Considerate Coyote, Brave Bobcat, and Gracious Goldfinch play a game of Coyote and Mouse.
Everyone slides out of the forest!
Learning Skills:
Wise Wood Turtle teaches how to build a fire.
Reflecting after Forest Day:
Boundless Beaver retold the fire story today. 
Considerate Coyote played in the field with friends.
Benevolent Black Bear made snow angels in the field.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Day 15

Newton School Kindergarten Forest Day - January 7, 2016
It was finally wintery weather at forest day! We enjoyed playing in the snow, warming up by the fire, a yummy snack of warm apple crisp, a story, and learning more about animals in winter with the book Over and Under the Snow.
Persistent Porcupine, Resolute Raccoon, and Optimistic Otter pretend they are fishing.
Reflective Red-Tailed Hawk and Boundless Beaver are playing store in the snow.
Gracious Goldfinch, Brave Bobcat, and Benevolent Black Bear spot a building through the trees.
And they find it hilarious for some reason!
Considerate Coyote discovers an interesting cracked branch.
Resolute Raccoon and Considerate Coyote change the branch into a chopper.
Optimistic Otter looks on as Resolute Raccoon brings in the biggest haul of the day.

Some Forest Day Plans:

The temperature today was 18
° F.